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Imessage stickers

Spaceship Betty

SPACESHIP BETTY iMessage stickers have arrived! Every sticker is animated for more fun.  Everyone loves Spaceship Betty & her pink puppy Bubblegum, as they travel the universe fighting for freedom and fun! Show the world you have girl-power. An animated Spaceship Betty feature is in the works, get your 3D glasses ready!

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Robots by Lynnda Rakos

Robots, robots and more robots by Lynnda Rakos! All 18 stickers are animated and include happy robots, surprised robots, sleepy robots, confused robots, crying robots, screaming robots and more. Include robots in your messages because robots have feelings too.

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Martini Mad by Lynnda Rakos

Hipsters take notice! An incredible collection of animated images from the limitless imagination of Martini Madness artist Lynnda Rakos. Enjoy a three-olive martini with very cool 50’s musical beatniks , a crazy tiki god, and a totally hip poodle in love. You will dig it, so spend some dough and let your friends know who you really are!

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8 Daze of Chanukah

Lighten up your Chanukah texting with 15 animated stickers.  Have fun with your friends, as you fill up your tummy with latkes and spin the dreidel.  Many fun and hilarious ways to wish your friends a Happy Chanukah!

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